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We are complaining against the company ALLIANCE CAS LLC, as they are not tending to our email and it is impossible to communicate with the agent Jorge Rodriguez,
Account Manager with this company.

We own a vacation home in Davenport Fl, and the community is managed by PREMIER ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT OF CENTRAL FLORIDA. We are in contact with them, always by email, as it is impossible for us to check our regular mail box.

We have asked them in writing to send us by email all the notices, and all the invoices and information regarding our property.

Usually they send us everything, except the invoices for a past due payment. That’s true that we have forgotten to pay our payment in May 31, but they have never send us a reminder or notice of late.

When we arrived to the property the 29 of July we have received a notice from the ALLIANCE CAS, that is a debt collection company. The maintenance invoice due for the May 31 was $115 and the bill send by this agency was $863.13.

I have tried to email them all the information and send them a copy of the correspondence with the management company, in which we asked them to send all the notices by email.

I also tried to call this person and was never available, and never gives me back a call.
It is impossible to communicate with them in order to find a solution at this situation.

Therefor I hereby ask to be assisted in this case.

Sincerely, Nicoleta Greizler

For Alliance CAS Representatives or Owners

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