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I ordered a La-z-boy outdoor chair set as well as the side tables. The model was Charlotte. I paid $1500 for a outdoor set that had a 1 year warranty on it and within 6 weeks all of the joints were rusted out. Everywhere that there was a screw, there was rust.

I called Sears which is where I bought it. There was nothing they were able to do because they’re subcontracted, so I had to deal with La-z-boy’s warranty department. I sent emails, called them with the information that was requested, sent photos and each time they just requested more information or photos or paperwork.

This has gone on for a year (as the house is on an island and I didn’t have access to take more photos) I finally submitted every receipt, photos from each angle and the coordinating information and had received an email back stating that this is not covered under warranty and basically, move on and done but the same materials and there is no one else that can do anything to help etc.

The phone service, customer service representative was extremely rude and nasty so I just ended the conversation and called back at a later date but they were equally as nasty and unhelpful.

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