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I was fitted with a LifeVest due to my heart issue with the goal of improving heart functions. The LifeVest warning vibration and alarm went off almost 100 times in 2 weeks. Thinking it was my heart, I informed my cardiologist. By the end of the second week I started feeling terrible pain in my back directly behind the vibration sensor. I went to the ER and I had a massive infection where the vibration unit burned me.

After many attempts to reach a Zoll rep, my cardiologist ended up calling Zoll himself. Zoll finally showed up to the hospital and said it must have been the improper drying of the LifeVest garment or an infected hair. I asked the Zoll rep why did the alarm and vibration go off those hundred plus times and she said the sensors weren’t calibrated properly.

The doctors and nurses were furious. 2 surgeries for infection, 3 weeks in the hospital for IV antibiotics and 6 months of regular wound therapy and all Zoll wants is the vest back.

No compassion. No offer of compensation for the cost, pain and suffering. Nothing. Shameful.

I am looking for individuals who have had malfunctions with the LifeVest. The truth of this defective product must come out. Zoll needs to be reprimanded and compensation paid to all of us who have suffered.

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