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I called on Monday needing some simple handyman service. THEY said they could do Wednesday at 10am, I said that’s great, works out for me. Got a confirmation email verifying the appointment. Got a call and an email around 5pm on Tuesday afternoon saying they could not get a technician to make that appointment, please call first thing Wednesday to reschedule.

Called number left twice Wednesday, never heard back, so called the 800 number to get a hold of someone to reschedule. Got someone about 3:30pm on Wednesday, said they were just clearing the other guy’s voicemail and would call me back in a short time to reschedule. Called me back and scheduled a second appointment for 11am on Friday. Got a confirmation email verifying the date and time of my appointment. Got a phone call at 9:38am on Friday – LESS THAN AN HOUR AND A HALF BEFORE MY SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT – to say they didn’t have anyone who could come out.


THEY had already GIVEN ME 2 prior times and dates that THEY DID NOT MAKE. I have a JOB. I will NEVER contact them again – I have used other handyman services before and NEVER ONCE did this happen. I told them – I am a grown-up. If when I contacted you IN THE FIRST PLACE, you were unsure of the availability of your technicians, YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID SO. I can be told no. At that time, I could have arranged for SOMEONE ELSE to come do the work. Instead, I wasted A WHOLE WEEK waiting for your guy. COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT COMPANY.

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