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I got a letter from Comenity Bank saying that I had joined a beauty club through my Brylane home charge card. I know I had not joined any club I didn’t know what they were talking about. I have had their charge for over 3 years and have use it may 6 times and each time I pay the full amount when the bill is do. The kicker was when I received the letter the first and only letter I received concerning this matter it said I was 30 days past due in.

I called them and explained the circumstances I talked to 4 different people I was told the charges would be taken off my charge and the matter would be resolved. Well I continued to receive calls on my cell phone at work and at home. I returned the call and talked again to several different people and asked why I was still getting calls. I was told that I had a 30 dollar late fee charge.

I asked them how do I have a late fee on something I didn’t order. I told them the date I called and the matter was supposed to have been resolved. I was told that the charges were dropped but the late fee still remained. Well they assured me the whole matter would be resolved at the end of the call but low and behold a few days later I got a letter saying my bills was 60 to 90 days past due. I am trying to buy a house so I have been watching my credit report and they had listed on my credit report that I was 90 days past on my bill.

I immediately called Comenity Bank again and after talking to several people who said they couldn’t help me I finally got connected to the fraud department. I was livid and I told them that I pay my bill in full when I use my charge so why would I not pay the original amount of 20 dollars and why was it on my credit report. Once again I was assured that the matter would be resolved the charge and the late fee would be taken off and I would receive a letter from them say it was all a mistake and it would be taken off my credit report.

Well it has been about 2 weeks and I have yet to receive the mentioned letter and it is still on my credit report that I am 90 days past due.

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