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Most of the time I order food from here. I have to return it. 92% of the time. and even though its the wrong order or old food. it gets returned with out receipt. now today my order was two double hamburgers and a large fry. the meat was black and dry. it was sitting for a really long time.

I go once again to return it. and the manger wouldn’t take it back without receipt. so I go look for one in my car that I know I never got anyways. and never do. so I go back in tossed my food in the trash frys and all. and I said this is ridiculous and left.

I was outraged at myself for not checking my food since I know 92% of the time its wrong. when your food is fresh or even somewhat fresh its good. but when theres a 92% chance your order is wrong or old. it makes you not want to come back again.

Wendys – 909 Central Ave Dover NH 03820 | 603-749-8944

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