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This lady, Keiya Hugley, over waffle house 553 on old national highway, is a tragedy, she dont no how to cook. Govern she acts like a kid she’s always on the floor text messaging instead of resolving customer concerns she hangs out by the trash can in the back of the waffle house.

She dont clean, she has servers grading other servers sales sheets.

When customer approach she ignored the customers. If u eat there its very funky, un clean. The workers uses no gloves, she gives away food an hollows meat cost.

And constantly complains about her job. She told us, the customers, that her district boss Phillip of 105 is a racist, but I met this man and he’s great.

Ms kieya at waffle house 553 needs to be removed before some in up traumatized do to her none occupational work ethics. An drama on the job she diligently cause feud she does a he say she say she loves drama.

Wafflehouse – 4995 old national highway GA | 404-762-9782

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