Snag me once shame on me. - Vydox

Ordered what i thought & read FREE trial sample 4.95 SH done, 3 days there. But aw the twist what was believed FREE is not FREE indeed. Nor does the online info say that you will be charged the full amount, not an auto-ship of more product.

This is “OUTRAGEOUS SCAM” and the product is not as effective as a competitor XYZ energy up, less trips at night to the bathroom, few erections on demand/when stimulated.

Out of a 10 i give it a 4, but the rep who responded to my complaint of feel’n scammed, misled, snagged for 89.00 Dollars she was composed, like she’s heard it all before, she was good, almost enjoyed be’n taken advantage of.

Still SMH, don’t be fooled, guy’s it’s a bait and switch.

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