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In the month of January I saw the add to try the 14 day trial, in which I tried however it didn’t do nothing. I tried finding the company number to report that I am unsatisfied customer and I desire a cancellation. However the company number was not easy to revealed, my credit union account was charged $87 dollars at the end of January. I was highly upset and called my credit union to have them flagged, I didn’t have a chance to talk to them or give vydox any permission to deduct any funds out of my account.

So I went ahead and payed the cost because I simply love my credit union. However I get another delivery and get charged $49 dollars I haven’t took it because I tried and it doesn’t work. I called 3 times to speak with someone concerning the situation and I asked for their supervisor but were not in a cooperative.

I spoke with a representative he told me that they are unable to refund money because it was an agreement made. How you give someone a FREE 14 day TRIAL then charge their accounts when you haven’t given them verbal agreement to allow them to withdraw?

This is my first and last time being scammed I will never try this again and I will never trust the internet again. I am so upset about this now I’m losing more money, I love my credit unionwill, I just hate to wasting money for nothing.

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