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I switched my 2 phone lines over in August, in September after my billing cycle changed over it was still reading data from the previous month, telling me that I was over. It is now November and I have spent countless hours on the phone talking to countless people and the problem is still not fixed. Every time I make a phone call it is minimum 30 minutes, most of them last 1 hr. +. Now they are charging me overage charges of $30 for 1GB of data when I didn’t go over. Not to mention, even if I had gone over there is no way for me to track the usage because it is wrong every single month!

I am sooo fed up that I am seeing red. I want to cancel my contract but of course cancelling because they are incompetent is still going to get me a cancelation fee. JUST LET ME GO! By the time its all said and done I will have to pay the cancelation fees and new phone fees cause guess what? I can’t take my phone cause they think I owe them money! Not! I should send them a bill for my hourly rate that I have spent on the phone fixing a problem they still haven’t fixed!

Their service is great on the phone so I hate to lose that but I am not paying for messed up billing service!

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