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Avoid Verizon if you do not want to waste 30 mins of your life getting frustrated every time you call by being transferred, put on hold and lied to. We have been Verizon wireless customers for many years and customer service and the billing dept. gets worse each year. Last year they continually billed me monthly for 4 months for international service that I specifically told them was only needed for 1 week, every 3 weeks i would call and complain to have it removed, they would promise it would be done and it never was

After hours on the phone and months later the int’l plan was cancelled.

This summer same thing – requested the plan for 12 days for one phone / was billed for 2 phones and was billed to me from July to October, called each month to request cancel of int’l service and change plan to reduce cost- I finally got smart and wrote down customer service names -first call was Dalanda (yes she would make the adjustments and note it on my account) and next month Roberta. Roberta told me Dalanda had not written any info down about my previous phone call with her and did not know what I was talking about.
After 35 minutes on phone today Roberta hung up on me, I was transferred to someone else and while on the phone Roberta called meback!

Unbelievable lack of professionalism with this company! We are under contract with 1 phone ’till may 2017 but will try to see if new wireless company will buy out contract.

I am so tired of all this and over Verizon- terrible terrible customer service and billing department.

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