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I am interested in starting or joining a Class Action Lawsuit against Verizon.
A pushy sales person convinced me to take a free tablet, and said it was returnable if I didn’t want to keep it. I gave it to my son, but it kept shutting down when he used it. I went to the Verizon store in Rochester Hills, Michigan, to complain, and they said the $10 monthly fee would be taken off our bill. By this time, the ‘lemon’ tablet had stopped holding the charge.

When fully charged, the battery went dead in 10-15 minutes, so my son stopped using it altogether. My son pays our Verizon bill. I found out months later that Verizon took the tablet fee off the bill for only a couple of months, then they deceptively began charging us monthly fees for it again. I went to the store again to complain, and was told again that the charges would be removed from our bill. Months later, I found out they had never removed the bogus charges, and were continuing to bill us $10 each month for a tablet they knew we weren’t using.

Following countless calls to Verizon, they refused to refund monthly fees for the unused FREE tablet, and instead, charged us a huge cancellation fee. So, Verizon charged us a total of $288 for a lousy tablet that hadn’t been used. We switched to Sprint, which promised to take care of our total Verizon bill (they lied too).

Verizon sent us a final bill of $1,571. We paid them $1,283 for our two phones, but refused to pay them the rip-off charges of $288 for the b*m tablet. We explained why we weren’t paying $288 for a tablet that their records showed was not used.

Now, they have sent our account to a debt collection agency, and I fear they will damage my son’s credit rating, thereby forcing him to pay $288 despite Verizon’s habitual dishonesty that resulted in the bogus charges.

Customer service stinks at both Verizon and Sprint, where salespeople do not hesitate to lie, apparently to earn sales commissions. Morals and ethics have gone out the window at many American businesses, especially companies like Verizon and Sprint. If they don’t change their devious billing practices, customers will switch over to smaller carriers that do not nurture deceit in their sales departments.

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Hi Cheryl, I am interested in Class Action against Verizon for same reason: supposedly “free” tablet w/no extra charges to our current monthly bill.


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