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Bought a new phone because we were offered a $150 mail in rebate which would have essentially made the phone free. Verizon employee helped us fill out and copy everything we needed.

We mailed promptly and I kept copies of all of the paperwork INCLUDING THE DATE STAMPED ENVELOPE that everything was mailed in.

After some time had passed and we realized we never received the $150 rebate, I checked the status online and a message popped up saying for us to call in because they had not received the paperwork. I called and was told that promotion is over now so we can’t get the $150 rebate.

What a total sham!!

So even though I have copies proving what was sent and when it was sent, we are out the money simply because they say they didn’t receive it.

That’s pretty d**n convenient Verizon!! Doesn’t surprise me. They constantly overcharge us “overage fees” even when we keep track of how much time we are online without being on wifi. It’s all a scam.

Corporate America strikes again…because they won’t be happy until they ruin this country with their greed and fraud.

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