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I called the international experts of Verizon, from their local store in Kalispell, MT to be set up with international minutes while traveling in New Zealand Sept 13 – Oct.11, 2015. For $40 more I was promised 100 international minutes, 100 GB data, etc. Upon arriving there I found that I could not use my phone.

I went to two large internet companies. One tried a SIMS card in my phone, the other went on line and said that Verizon’s internet system is not compatible with the NZ system. I bought a $20 SIMS card there to use in my son’s cell phone so I had some useage while there. I cam home, called Verizon, and the man on the phone discovered that the woman who sold me the plan failed to activate it, yet I still wonder if having done so it would have worked in NZ! He apologized and promised to credit me $40 for the plan and $20 for the additional SIMS card. Neither happened.

Then within a week or two, the Verizon SIMS cards in both my and my wife’s phones died. They sent new ones. I had to drive into the US from Canada to activate my phone upon receiving the cards from Verizon by mail. I could not activate it. I came home, called them and was told that they failed to link the new cards to our phones. Then I was told I had to drive back into the US to activate the new SIMS cards. I did that, 3 hours later discovered that both phones worked. Drove back into Canada and they did not work!

I called and after another 2 hours on the phone, Julie ran through a bunch of diagnostics gymnastics to get them up and running. She said (10 days ago) that she would talk to her supervisor and call me back right away with an offer to compensate me. I have not heard back from her. Did Verizon hope I would just go away if they neglected me? Today I get an email from Verizon billing me for $50 for data usage. Upon installing the SIMS cards they automatically were set up for “Global Data usage” and I failed to catch that glitch – mind you, it looked like a little “money-maker” for Verizon to set them up to default to that setting! After no use for the phone for 5+ weeks, two long trips into the US to activate the phones (they said, then denied, then said I had to be at a US tower to activate the phones), I spent close to 12 hours on the telephone to get this corrected in addition to trying to figure out what was wrong while in NZ.

All of that to say that they offered to refund me 1/2 my Sept bill, 1/2 my Oct bill and 1/4 my November bill. There was no recognition of all the time, effort, frustration I had to go through to try to rectify their incompetence in simply providing me cell phone service. (Well, “no recognition” is not true, each one expressed genuine sympathy for my troubles. But sympathy fails to compensate me for all my troubles!) Is it no longer a goal of venders to strive make their customers satisfied when – on their part – service fails – both phone service and personal compensation to me? Kathleen tried to help, her hands were tied. Lana, supervisor, attempted within her restrictive limitations. Our conversation was disconnected. I called back and was disconnected when trying to talk to Courtney!

So disappointed in a 130 billion dollar company indifferent to customers they failed to serve.

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