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I am beyond frustrated with Verizon Wireless. I cannot express how insanely aggravated I am with Verizon Wireless right now, and I am SICK AND TIRED of having to spend countless hours of MY time resolving problems caused by THEIR REPS and THEIR EQUIPMENT. I have been with Verizon for 10 years, spend OVER $300 per month on my service, and repeatedly feel like I am not worth their effort to keep happy.

In Dec 2014 I bought and activated an Ellipses tablet. I got it for my wife, who barely used it. In Oct 2015 I decided I was going to use it, and found that it didn’t even do the most basic of functions (Google Maps / Navigation the tablet couldn’t connect to the network and keep GPS at the same time). I tried several levels of tech support and EVERYTHING they asked me to do, and finally came to the conclusion that the tablet simply does not work, and a replacement was not going to do any better. I asked to be let out of the contract for the service SO I COULD BUY A NEW TABLET AND ACTIVATE A NEW LINE, but that was not an option. I also couldn’t upgrade to a different tablet without paying full retail price. After deciding that my next step was to cancel all 5 lines of service because Verizon would not let me out of a $10.00 per month charge, an escalation rep agreed to discount one of my lines of service to cover the tablet access fee. PERFECT resolution, I haven’t used the Ellipses tablet since, and I immediately went and activated another tablet and LOVE IT! (Time spent resolving the issues = 6-7 hours calls, trips to the local store to show them I wasn’t making my symptoms up, etc.)

On Jan 15, 2016 my son (who had a bad habit of misusing his smartphone) got in trouble yet again, so I called Verizon to inquire about changing him back to a basic phone (dumb-phone). I was told that if I did so, my charge for that line would drop from $40 to $30 per month, but I would lose my discount from the previous issue, thereby wiping out the resolution to the previous issue and costing me more per month. There was no reason to do that… I can just lock his apps on his smart phone, so I told the rep NOT to make any change.

On Jan 25, I looked at my bill, and saw that the plan HAD been changed, the discount HAD been removed, and my son’s smartphone (which he typically only texts from) could still text, but could not make or receive calls. I started a chat online with a rep, who got the phone placed back on the account, and told me the billing would be corrected the next day. (Time spent = ~30 min)

On Jan 26, I received a text message that the discount could not be applied to the account, and that I needed to start a new chat. I did so, and was told that the discount could not be applied, and the best they could do was give me a 1-time credit. I explained that the credit would not work because of the way I account for my mobile service expenses, and the chat rep stated that was the only option. I advised I would call in, and upon doing so, was helped by a VERY NICE rep who understood exactly what I wanted, agreed that my request (which boils down to simply reversing what the rep did on Jan 15 that they were told NOT to do) was certainly appropriate, but advised that she did not have the ABILITY to meet my request, and the best she could do was to submit a trouble ticket to try to have the issue resolved by another department.

I asked if anyone had the ability to resolve the issue today, and she advised that a supervisor had more capabilities than she does. I asked to be transferred so I could get the issue resolved, and she did so. The supervisor advised that she did not have the ability to add the discount since it was not in the system, and she could only submit a billing trouble ticket as well, which would take 48-72 business hours to resolve. When I started to VERY calmly express my frustration that ONCE AGAIN I had to spend my time trying to resolve an issue caused by one of THEIR reps, I got no more than 5 words into my first statement when the call “disconnected”. (Time spent = 56:34 minutes)

WHY? Why does Verizon make it SO difficult for their reps to simply do the right thing? Why does Verizon not see the value in one-call resolution and empowering their reps or AT LEAST their supervisors? WHY does Verizon not see the value in a 10-years  customer who spends over $300 per month on their service? I TRULY wish that their customer service was as good as their technology and network (all-in-all) but it is NOT, and it is the lack of empowerment of their customer service reps and the constant mis-steps and inability to resolve even the most obvious issues that is causing me to count the days until I can seriously consider moving my entire account to another provider.

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