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St. George UT Verizon store recently sold me a tablet stating it would only cost me $12 dollar a month more for the internet on the tablet. I was very concerned about the price and questioned the lady sells women several times about the price and made sure my contract with my Verizon phone didn’t change.

She assured me that it wouldn’t effect my Verizon phone and assured me after paying for the tablet that it would in fact only rise my bill by $12 + tax’s. After receiving my first bill I had found that she not only lied but was very manipulative in her sells tactic. It raised my bill $34.00 which was to much as I couldn’t afford that and wouldn’t have got the tablet if I had known it was going to be that much.

Also It was undisclosed to me that I had a phone number attached to this tablet? What the hell is this phone number when I seen it on my statement. Again she (Verizon) did not disclose the phone to me at time of purchase. So here I’m trying to figure out why a company as big as Verizon as people working for them that lie and manipulate there costumers. Well because they get a COMMISSION yes. I was on the phone for almost an hour with a Verizon rep most screaming and yelling at why my bills says this amount and where the hell did this phone number come from and why all this wasn’t disclosed to me at time of purchase.

Anyway, yes the Verizon rep was very nice after I had settled down some even and offered to credit my account back for it all and cancel the tablets internet access. And he also called the store in St. George UT on River road and talked to them.
I then got a call from the store question me about it but all they did was defend their staff and even said I received a discount on the tablet. I didn’t receive a discount on the tablet I paid exactly what it said on the display room floor for it but they said I did receive a $50 dollar discount on it.

I guess what I’m saying here is that I feel like I was lied to manipulated and played for a fool. My advise is to stay away from Verizon stores go to Best Buy they can get you a better contract as they don’t get commission from Verizon like sales people to in Verizon stores

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