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Vampire freaks is a dangerous place to be on. I had several admins stalk my account over a f*****g journal entry I posted back in march. All of sudden these group of losers just started talking s**t and threatening me for no reason…

I told the admins and as usual the situation itself got swept under the rug. Jet berelson doesn’t give a f**k about nobody.

I had some f*****g r****d from another country say I know where you live…

That’ site crawls with pedophile losers and sadistic idiots who do nothing but cause trouble.

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there are many people on that site that like to play around with others minds, if the profile doesn’t have a photo of a human being in front of it, or the photo doesn’t exactly look authentic (not to mention if you just get a bad feeling from inbox messages). then I suggest blocking the person, and if they start harassing you in any form such as bullying, hate posts, etc. then its time to contact the admins. now, if you are referring admins as to people whom have premium memberships, then that is false, there are only about 5… Read more »

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