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I am a current author. A very unhappy one I might say. Tate were quick to get my money and book published (I did have to pay an extra $1000 for them to expedite the process though) but after it has been a disaster. The books fall apart as the binding is terrible. But that’s not the worst. Their so called marketing is nothing to do with marketing, certainly does nothing to help you market books successfully and is no more than a bunch of salesmen trying by all means to sell you more books. I have bought more on a couple of occasions and have sold them, well that is the ones they have sent me. What I mean by that is that this last January I paid for a new order of books and mailing costs and to date – now end of June – have not received them. Yes they took the money but sent no books. After MANY emails asking when my books would arrive I have this last week received an email saying they have not been printed yet because they have been experiencing problems with their print shop.

Well what a lame excuse, because from January to now I have received at least three or more emails a week offering special sales on books. Now why would they be continually offering books at special prices if they could not print and send them – unless they’re onto a wonderful scam! Oh, and let’s talk about the quarterly sales records and checks they send. The last one which should have recorded my purchase in January said I had not made any purchase. There is ABSOLUTELY NO TRANSPARENCY in their accounting for sales and I am convinced they are ripping off the authors. Another thing.

I live in Australia and am required by law of US Internal Revenue Department to submit a W-8BEN form to Tate to cover me for US withholding tax. I tried on a number of occasion to discuss this with Tate and they said I don’t need to do this. This makes me wonder what they are doing with respect to disclosure to the US department of IR. Also they also just don’t reply to emails where you’re asking for assistance but are very quick to reply when you want to but more books. Don’t get sucked in to paying for their 15 second video clips for marketing your book.

I did and its more useless than useless. Well the long and the short of it all is they I seriously discourage any would be authors from using Tate Publishing. My advice is don’t go near them.

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