Sold my items and never paid me. - thredUP

1) SELLING – First, I sent my PERFECT items valued over $1,000.00 in two “clean out bags.” One was shipped on 6/28 or 6/29. The other was a few days later.

After 1.5 MONTHS, the bags were processed, on 8/10. I would NEVER send in my items (summer/spring) by which it took almost two months to process the items. I could have dropped them off to a consignment store.

Second, I noticed on the day that my bags were processed some of my items posted to the site. I thought, “awesome, they have my items processed.” When I received my clean out bag, the items which I saw online (MY ITEMS) were not credited to my account. My payout was $50+ for one bag and $17 for another. I have 3 times on consignment but all my other items for over $1,000 , NEW with tags were not accepted.

I wrote a message to the company’s COO, and a week later no one has responded. I wrote to the and a week later, no one has responded.

2) BUYING – I have purchased a LOT of items from this site. This is the second time that an item I have received is damaged. The first time it was a black sweater dress with a massive hole in the shoulder. Yesterday, I received a designer dress with 5 white buttons but TWO buttons were missing.

This was AFTER the clean out bag issue. I am SO done with this horrible company. I want to know where my items and my money is for the items they sold on their site. I have proof of a DVF pink/orange/ with with tie dress NWT that I saw on their site for sale the same day of my clean out bag processing. I didn’t receive credit for that dress. I was MY DRESS.

I would NEVER recommend this company again!

Who do I file a legal complain with? Small claims court in CA?

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