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DO NOT SELL TO THRED UP! They are not legit. If you can find a real person who has been successful with this company then be my guest. I know you won’t.

First off, thredUP seems like a great company because they will send you a free clean out bag and offer to come pick it up from you for free. This leads customer to feel all they have to do is pack up and set on doorstep and the rest is done.


This is all they do for you. They do this to get your items and never be in contact again. If you click on the CONTACT link, you’ll find there is no phone number. That is a red flag. If you dig further on the link, it will tell you there has been a problem and check back later.

This is enough to let a seller know to go no further with this company. It’s common sense. A reputable company is readily available at all times.

Use your heads people. ThredUP is a good company when it comes to SELLING items to you, but not when they need to PAY you for what you’ve donated to them. Watch the YOUTUBE videos about this company if you would like to hear more complaints from actual customers.

I just received my clean up bag and I’m not going to be another statistic . I’m throwing it away. If I can’t reach them then I’m not about to give them anything .

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