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I came across it and thought the site was a great idea. I had been cleaning out my closets and was planning to sell at consignment store or on offer up, but this seemed like a perfect way to sell my clothes. I shipped 2 overflowing bags of clothing. It took over a month to see that it was even processed.

Once I saw the payout of $14.00 I almost died and thought there had to be some mistake. For the first bag, they accepted 32 pieces, and like I said these bags were too big for me to carry. The post man came and got them from me. You can actually see what exact pieces they are selling, what has sold, and for how much they are pricing it at.

I went through each item line by line. As of yesterday items had been sold for a total of $107.86 and the remaining items they’re selling of mine ads up to $157.80. I almost punched my computer screen.

Today I received an email that the second bag had been processed and my payout was $11.90. They accepted 26 items from this bag. I didn’t go through the pricing because I knew it was just make me crazy. And now after spending hours at this website, I found in fine print that they can pay you as little as .5%. For example, they sold a blouse I sent in for $13.99 and got $0.29.

I know I’m rambling but I feel like I have been robbed and I want everyone to know that this is their practice. It would have taken more effort but I could have gotten way more if I would have sold it on Offer Up or to a consignment store.

I have written in several complaints and have not received a response. I could not find a phone number. On their contact page it only had addresses and email. Live and learn I guess, but I will be destroying there name any way I can.

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