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I have put so much money onto my husband’s Telmate account but yet he is still unable to call me! I have talked with the customer representatives and they have always had an excuse as to why it is not working. Like “your card number is invalid, he isn’t pressing the right button to call you and charge his funds, you put your card number on multiple times” when I know for a fact that I have only put the card number on once each time. And I have called my card company who says that my card is valid.

And I have been able to use that card anywhere else I have been. These people have been telling me that my money has been received and that he will be able to make a call and he tries but it just asks me for my card number again. They still try and charge me after I have already put so much on his account that he is unable to use. What’s even worse is he knows that I have put money on it and he doesn’t understand why he can’t call through. It’s beginning to aggravate me. I just want to talk to my husband!!!

It has been a long time since I have been able to talk to him due to this company. I really hope that people will soon do something about this system!

While speaking to my son, who is incarcerated at Monroe County Correctional Facility in Bloomington , IN his account was charged $25 for alleged 3-way phone call that I did not put through. I called to complain and Telmate tells me that if anyone else in my house is using a device, any kind of device such as computer, ipad, or cell phone while I am on the phone through Telmate then that is determined to be a 3-way phone call.

My husband conducts business at home and is continuously on line and texting and calling others on his cell phone. Telmate says that they monitor all calls in and out of my house on all devices while using Telmate services to assure no 3-ways are occurring.

That sounds to me like wire tap fraud. Also, do not speak to anyone else in the room with you while you are talking through Telmate or they will consider that a 3-way call and charge you accordingly. This is in addition to the exorbitant prices they charge initially; unconscionable!

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