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I saw the page for Teezily on Facebook…it had over 27k “likes”, so I believed it must be legit. I ordered a t-shirt about old men with pyschology degrees, cost w/ shipping was $25.95.

Five days later, I received an email from confirming my order cancellation request, and that the refund “operation” would take 8 days to complete.

I responded to the email stating that I made no such cancellation request, and received a reply almost immediately. Teezily rep (who could NOT spell or use correct grammar) & addressed me by “Esquire” (?), and apologized for the “confusional speaking” in the email; could not clarify why I got the email, though. He offered to reorder the t-shirt, with a 25% “offage” for my “problems”. He said, however. that since the original payment was now “writed off the records”, I would need to log back on to, reorder the shirt using code he gave me and he shirt would then ship at discounted price.

Like the ever-trusting fool I am, I fell for his line, and did as he suggested. Guess what? 3 days later, same type email came. I went through the email support process again, but still haven’t gotten any response.

I’m not going to make an international call (only contact # is not in U.S) to get more lies. I’ve placed chargeback requests for both charges with Mastercard, and have initiated complaints with PA Consumer Protection and the US Atty. General’s Consumer Fraud Unit.

My take on this fly-by-night outfit? RIPOFF! Very experienced folks who have no problem robbing people of their money and trust. The solution? Besides boycotting their operation, the only answer lies in “Karma”. She’s not kind when she catches you and bites you in the a**e! Additionally, the US AG is vigorously pursuing thieves such as Funny name, but very appropriate…they string you along…”teasing” you, acting quite “tease-ily”.

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Trust that you no longer work there as your name has not been passed around
We have completed a six month investigation into Teezily completed yesterday and being submitted for media coverage at the end of this month


We sincerely apologize for the delay in treating the query. In order for us to be able to help you, would you be so kind to tell us your order number?

With kind regards,
The Teezily Team


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