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I too have had the same experience as others on this forum with this company. I receive multiple emails every week with a new special for me to buy my own book. I was promised a professional Marketing Representative. On their website, they clearly state: “Every author is assigned a Marketing Consultant (an industry expert) to assist in finding the right markets in which to sell in the retail bookstore market and beyond, maximizing every author’s reach and success.” Who is this? Why didn’t I get one?

The people that are assigned to me are no industry experts but rather sales people who are only interested in my credit card number. I can’t get a call back unless I leave a message that I need to buy books. It’s worth noting that if I call needing to place an order, my call is returned within a couple of hours at most, usually within minutes…

I receive email statements reporting sales of my book and the amount of royalties I have earned. The email says that they are sending me a royalty check in the mail but the check never comes. I try calling about it but no one ever answers their phone. If I could get paid for leaving voice messages without receiving a return call, I could make a fortune off of calling the Tate Publishing Marketing Department.

I have hesitated writing a review thinking things might get better. Tonight, a concerned friend sent me this link of a story done by their local news organization. No wonder it’s so hard for authors to get books on time or get books at all. It’s now easy to see why they have a “pay up front and all sales are final” sales policy.

If your books don’t ship or arrive late, no refund. You pay anyways. They usually just offer more books which you don’t need because your last order didn’t arrive on time for your events. Then, you wait months for the replacements. If books are defective, you guessed it, no refund.

Apparently Tate Publishing authors and vendors are beginning to file lawsuits. If authors are paying $4,000+ to get books published and no marketing is being done and bills aren’t getting paid, refunds aren’t issued, where does the money go. How is this not a Ponzi scheme?

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