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When I made reservations, I used my debit card. Upon arriving on May 17, I switched to my credit card, which they immediately swiped and charged my whole 2 night stay on that credit card. Upon checking out on May 19, they tried to charge my credit card AGAIN (for a $1 more — I don’t know why the $1 increase — not important at this time). Of course I didn’t have enough credit to be charged TWICE.

Then an entire fiasco ensued with them calling the local police, because they “thought” I was trying to not pay them. After a half hour, the Officer said ” Well, it’s obvious the Gentleman is not trying to leave without paying, so I’m leaving”.

After another half hour on the phone with my credit card provider, the motel “manager” & my card person both told me everything was “o.k.” and I could leave. So I did and headed home on my 3+ hour drive. I was only in Mattoon, IL to attend the funeral of my 19 year old granddaughter who was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Then today, May 21, I noticed at 1:00am that the motel, on May 20, a day after I had left there, has now charged my debit card, without my authorization and put my checking account seriously into overdraft!

This is an unacceptable practice and I consider it complete fraud!! I’ve already contacted my bank and started the fraud complaint process. Do not ever even think about using a Super 8. Especially the one in Mattoon, IL.

Super 8 – Mattoon IL | 217-235-8888

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