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If you’re in foreclosure in Maryland your ability to keep your home is on the line – even if you’ve bounced back financially and are ready to pay the full debt. Why?

It’s primarily because of Ocwen Financial Corporation, the loan servicer for countless mortgage companies, and the ethically-challenged group of lawyers at foreclosure-driven mega-firm, McCabe, Weisberg and Conway, LLC… And the current rules in place in our State don’t help us a lot, but do aid them even more.

A series of undue denials, late notices, false reports, a fake HAMP offer and coercive tactics designed to rush things nearly caused my mother to lose her house in the outright. She reluctantly took a short sale which they also tried to squash. Though Ocwen is the one who starts it, McCabe will finish it like The Terminator.

Both firms seem to have their very own agenda that often differs entirely from what the banks would want. Ocwen appears to need to dispose of cases as rapidly as possible, despite how that occurs, in order to get on to the next one… and McCabe as stated before is a foreclosure firm. It dis-services DC, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York as well. They may be paid by the “per instance” model, which would mean that they’re only paid for those cases they complete action on. That would incentivize foreclosing just for the sake of it.

In the formal petition to be presented to the legislature is only a partial description of the craziness that went on. Another petition to be filed on attorney conduct will explore it a bit more.

Thank you for reviewing this petition. If you’re not from Maryland, signing it may still help stop unlawful foreclosures in your state as they usually take notes from each other on major issues.

Also, if your case involves found misconduct or perceived misconduct on Ocwen’s or McCabe’s part, you are asked to submit your file to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at . This agency of the Federal Government will send the report on to all the other relevant Federal agencies. If there are especially serious concerns with the conduct of the lead attorney assigned by McCabe, please put those to your state’s attorney grievance commission.


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