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Directv has increased the bill once again saying that the prices of the receivers have increase, the program package selected has increase and the taxes for Florida has increased. I cannot understand why there is no legal avenue for persons to take because the contract they are putting to consumers should not be allowed to stand.

How can a state allow a service provider to bind consumers to a contract for a 2 year period and the prices that were used to enter in that contract is not set as well and the only recourse you have as a consumer is to change your package selection to adjust to the cost to be manageable for you to pay. Something is wrong with that contract.

I am now stuck with directv for the next 6 months before I can get out and they are now just telling me that they do a price increase every 7 months and offer discounts to try and lower the bill. That makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Is there anyone out there that has a similiar experience and can provide me with information to get away from directv?


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