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I ordered a Winter Formal dress for my daughter on Jan 11. After order was processed, receipt said that it’s a 3-5 shipping not including processing time. I let about 9 or 10 days go by and touched base via email (Because no phone number on website anywhere?) They told me it usually takes 15 days and asked when I needed dress by. I told them Jan 29.

They said that they were receiving that dress in that week so it shouldn’t be a problem. The week of the dance came and I contacted them 3 times that week and never heard back from them. I even offered to pay overnight shipping so I could have the dress in time. But no contact was made by them. In my last email 2 days before the dance, I asked them to just refund my money because it didn’t look like I was going to get the dress in time for the dance (again never heard back from them). Mind you the total order was only $56.25. ( Its not how much the item costs, its the principle of the thing) On Feb 19th I received an email that the dress has been shipped?

REALLY…5 weeks after I ordered the item, they shipped it knowing when I needed it by. I WILL NEVER purchase from this company again. It is obvious that they have no customer service skills. And its pretty obvious why they don’t post their phone number online, they would have tons of complaints.

So PLEASE really research and consider never purchasing anything form this company, unless your not in a hurry for it and don’t mind getting it 2 months later! I am disputing the charge with the bank, writing a letter to BBB, already posted on my FB page and had friends share the post. If I could get 1 or 2 people not to purchase from them, my job will be done. I really hope that they change their ways before the company becomes non existent.

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