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I signed up for the “free trial” for the amount of $5.95 per bottle (Slimera, Vita Ultra) for 30days. Within a week of receiving the items $85.95 was charged to my account. Once i called i was told that the cancellation must be done within 15days and that’s why i was charged.

So i asked what i needed to do to receive a refund and cancel, they gave me an address to send the bottles back. I did this, tracked them, and 2 days later i was charged an amount of $72.02. When calling about this amount i was told that there had to be 2 separate cancellations (1 per bottle) and that by sending both bottles back to the same address that i had an “unauthorized return” and there was a separate address for that bottle so i was out the $72.02 because i didn’t cancel or ship it to the separate warehouse they have for each bottle.

So hindsight be a perfect 20/20 in this situation, if you are caught with this free trial crap here’s some pointers: Immediately after you order the bottles or receive them, call and cancel! They charge after 15 days. If you need to return them in order to get a refund, they will except the bottles EMPTY. But remember to get a RMA number for each bottle along with 2 separate addresses and 2 separate packages/ tracking numbers. Definitely get a tracking number!

Supposedly i will receive a refund in 7-10 business days for $72.02 and even though they have my other EMPTY bottle at the other warehouse (that’s probable across the street) i will be out the $85.95. THEY ARE A SCAM!

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