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I’ve had to call Silverscript several times in the last 12 months. At first I had no problem getting prescriptions paid for through Medicare Part D. Then suddenly two of my prescriptions that I had received with no problem in the past needed “prior authorization” (PA) which means my MD has to explain why I need this particular drug.

When I call agents at Silverscript they are so very nice to the point of bowing and scraping but they always have to transfer my call and it often goes to a number where nobody answers or the person who answers is the wrong person.

Yesterday I called because I needed a refill early. On the first call the second person said “Sorry, we can’t do that.” On the second call the second person said my pharmacist needed to call the toll free number for pharmacies on the back or my card and give them the “secret code” of “PPS” and my Rx would be filled. This was at about 6:00 pm my time. So I called my pharmacy and they said that they will only call Silverscript in the morning because it takes over 20 minutes on hold even for them and they don’t have the time in the evening.

My pharmacy called me this morning and told me that “PSP” is bogus, there’s no such code and it was all a lie. I’m fit to be tied.

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