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When I signed up for SilverScript part D of Medicare it appeared to be the best program and all went well for the first year. I only used it for a couple of prescriptions and come time for new timer for drugs they dis-allowed a drug they previously covered and according to the internet .

They are supposed to tell you 60 days prior to doing and allow you a 60 day supply at the aforementioned price. They did not do either for me so the drug that potentially could be life threatening price went from $24 to $180 with virtually no warning. The drug is Asmanex for Asthma which has kept me clear for some 3 or 4 years I have been taking it.

I’m now on a fixed income and this monitory difference which appears to be against the government wishes / policy stated in above link. I can’t even change companies now so what would have cost me some $240+ for the year will now cost me $1800. I’m not sure what I can do. I do want others to be weary of this company that starts out good and then goes south on you.

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actually is providing false information about silverscript and silver script does allow a 30 day transition fill.


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