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Silverscript Insurance has been our Medicare Part D provider for several years. They have been providing me with a drug, Potassium Cl 10MEG ER I have been taking for 18 yrs. at a cost of $17.50 for a 90 day supply. Without a 60 notice which I am entitle to, on Jan. 1, this year, they raised that same drug from a tier 1 to tier 3. I became aware of this change when I refilled it at a copayment of $100.00 Jan.2nd. Since I needed the refill, I paid the price. After several calls to CVS and Silverscript customer Service no one was able to give me a satisfactory answer to my question regarding the raise in tier and price.

They,Sliverscript, also have the same drug in capsule form as opposed to the coated tablet form which I have been taking for so long. The capsule is a tier 2 which I can get a 90 day supply at my co-pay of $27.50. This is a very old inexpensive drug and their changing the form of it to a tier 3 is simply Unnecessary. By the fact we did get our 60 day notification, we were not given the option to change providers.

I would never recommend this Insurer to anyone. It looks as if I Will be forced to change to the capsule form if my Physician agrees.

Silverscript Insurance Company – 15255 George O’Neal Rd Baton Rouge LA 70817 | 225-752-3710

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