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They originally mixed my order up with another order that went to someone in New Jersey and, after realizing this, they asked me to share my mailing address with the other customer (a stranger) in order to have that customer send me my order. I provided a P.O. Box address.

When I received the order from the New Jersey customer, it was still the wrong shoe – correct style, but wrong color and size. I copied /pasted my order directly from their website and sent the picture to them along with the picture of the WRONG order I received. After 31 email conversations with customer service, Annie, they have still denied their error (despite comparing my order on their website to the shoe and Shoespie shoe box, which shows the size, that I received).

I finally submitted a dispute through Paypal, which is pending. P.S. I placed the order 11/30/15 and received the first wrong order on 1/8/16 and the second wrong pair on 1/19/16. Their website notes a return policy that is based on 15 days from “shipment” date. If orders are not received for months after they’ve supposedly shipped, how could they possibly honor their return policy. They are a rip off!

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