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I bought two pair of high heels to match a dress i wanted to wear to my nephew’s wedding.
After a month or so, no mail no news, nothing so I start with the live chat asking if anyone could help me figure out what happened to the shoes (10 days now before the wedding). The lady says the package have been shipped long ago and that i should contact the local delivery service of my country, belgium.

So i did, and they told me that they shipped the package without a barcode so now it is impossible for them to find it back, if it has even arrived at the depot in the first place.
Now i have been sending mails, but not even as much as a response.

The wedding is now the day after tomorrow so i really don’ t even want the shoes anymore since i will not be able to wear of the pairs and overall i feel like crying. I feel so stupid because they were able to take this much money and i feel like there is nothing i can do about it. It feels like just flushing money down the toilet.

I will keep mailing and asking the person in live chat to help me get a refund, staying as polite as possible hoping this would make a difference…

I just really love shoes and i have ordered online before but now I feel like I will never be sure to trust a site again.

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