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Well contrary to some of the other stories on here, the shoes did actually turn up in about 3 weeks. However they were horribly cheap and smelt of plastic and glue; I was so disappointed (although I suppose with hindsight if I’d reviewed the company prior to ordering I’d have known better).

I e-mailed their ‘customer service’ team and was told I could return them if I paid the postage (although I’m still struggling to get the return address) but they would only refund 75% of the purchase price.

When I challenged this they said it was because the shoes had been custom made for me as a result of my order and they wouldn’t be able to resell them. When I had stopped laughing uncontrollably I realized they were probably right, as no-one in their right mind (apart from an idiot like me!) would part with their hard earned cash for such tat.

I’m not currently sure how my Shoespie journey will end but please stay away if it isn’t already too late.

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