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We have been loyal customers to the Shell Service station on Meridian Street in Huntsville, AL for 25+ years. We frequent the store on a daily basis and purchase cigarettes, red bull, 5 hour energy shots from this location each and every day.

This alone comes to over $600 dollars a month not including fuel or whatever else we may purchase there during the month. We receive 4 cigarette coupons from the manufacturer once a month that saves one to two dollars off a pack per coupon. We have never had a problem using them until tonight.

When we went in to purchase 4 packs of cigarettes and to use the 4 coupons we receive each month, we were informed that we could only use one coupon PER DAY now PER MISTY. It is very unfortunate that this business lost a good longtime customer over 4 coupons.

We will no longer visit this or any other Shell Station and will give our business to one of their rivals that will appreciate loyal customers in return.

Shell – 2003 Meridian Street Huntsville AL

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