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I get gas at the Shell Station at 3861 Valley Centre Drive in the Carmel Valley neighborhood of San Diego. It’s a convenient location but so much is lacking.

First of all, the computers on their pumps are VERY slow (compared to other Shell stations and other gas stations).

There is almost NEVER any water, paper towels or squeegees for cleaning my windshields.

Last week I needed air in a tire. They don’t tell you that the pump isn’t working but it is missing the pin needed to push down on the tire valve so even though air is flowing, none will enter your tire.

And, get this, one time I went there to get a car wash and they told me they would charge me extra for an oversized vehicle. I drive a Prius.

Who out there can help with this?

Shell Gas Station – 3861 Valley Centre Dr San Diego, CA 92130 | 858-792-9009

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