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Went to the Shell gas station at 1501 Wellington street in Aurora. I pulled up to pump 5 and when I got out of the car to pump my gas the attendant yelled out you need to pay first. So I went to pay and when I approached the door the door was locked and had to pay through a window.

The attendant was mumbling not making sense and was extremely rude and angry and raised his voice and said you need to move your car to pump 9 from pump 5 cause it was out of order. There was no sign anywhere on that pump indicating that it was out of order so he had no reason to be angry or rude or confrontational.

I then went to my car and moved it where I began to fill up my gas and I could see from the window he was still mumbling so I pressed the button for the intercom and said to the attendant what is your problem why are you so angry and I then told him he needs to learn some people skills and he replied back telling me to go F..k myself… And I said really I had my family in the car with me and this is the treatment I get at a gas station. So I told him to f..k himself right back.

This is not something I expected to experience from someone I did nothing to.
Shell is my gas station of choice so I will continue to use it not at that location.
But I am truly disappointed that this took place with my family in the car watching this.
I don’t normally react that way but I was so shocked that this took place for no reason.
If people are not happy where they work or have problems you do not take it out on the world. We all have problems doesn’t mean I have lash out at paying customers.

Shell – 1501 Wellington St Aurora Canada | 905-841-5545

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