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I am writing this post to express my disappointment with my order. I made my order on May 2nd for Mother’s Day and paid a delivery charge only to be told that my order will not be sent until May 9th. It was not shipped out of your facility until yesterday?

It has been 4 days since I placed my order, I still had to pay for delivery and the order will not be delivered on time. This has caused me to determine that I will not ever be ordering from your service again. It will now be in transit for 3 days after being purchased 4 days prior, how is fruit and cheesecake going to be edible after being sent out on May 5 and not arriving until May 9th.

Please expect something much more than a post if my Mother gets sick eating this. I actually would prefer a refund, I already have a gift for my Mother and this was something extra to deceive her into thinking she was only getting the berries, now you have ruined that part of the surprise for me.

Please do not sell products for holidays if you can not deliver the goods in YOUR stated amount of time after having a customer pay for a delivery service. This conduct is unprofessional and as stated above, I will NEVER purchase from your service again.

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