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My husband orders me berries every year for my birthday from Shari’s Berries. They have never ever disappointed me except today. Mind you, they are still tasty. The ones I received today were small except three big ones and their chocolate was melted and cracked. There were 4 medium size ones and not melted nor cracked. The other five were small! 3 of them were cracked/melted on the bottom of them.

I noticed the container they were shipped in was different than in the past. The container was plastic and the “cups” they were laying in were bigger size than the berries. They probably rolled around and cracked and then the chocolate melted. I took a picture of them for my husband to see and he is going to contact them. Meanwhile just very disappointed for him to order me a very nice gift and not what you expect from Shari’s Berries.

I wouldn’t have said anything but he spent good money on them and you should get what you pay for. Besides it is Shari’s Berries and they have always been top notched! Oh, a co-worker rec’d them as a birthday gift several months ago. I am a receptionist and receive deliveries in our building. She opened them and they were huge and no cracked or melted berries!

Today I showed her mine and she couldn’t believe it either. We expect a credit on this purchase.

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