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My name is Rebecca Smith. I got this email from groupon, but am not sure if it is Shari’s Berries or Groupons. Here is my situation. I payed $20 for a $40 groupon for Shari’s Berries. I placed an order for Shari’s Berries. The total before the Groupon was $67.68. I applied the Groupon and the total said $27.28. I hit the Process button. When the order processed, it stated that my total was $67.68. Somehow during the processing the groupon was taken off.

I called customer service for Shari’s Berries. They assured me that it was processed as $27.28 and that is all I would be charged. I ended up being charged the full amount of $67.68. I called Shari’s Berries back and spoke with a guy named Troy Hurley that could not speak very good English, and we had a horrible time communicating. He just kept saying that Shari’s Berries only charged me for $27.28. He wouldn’t transfer me to anyone else, and he basically hung up on me because I honestly don’t think he knew what to do. Then I sent an email to Shari’s Berries Customer Care email, to which I received this reply.

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for contacting Shari’s Berries regarding the charges for this order. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.Upon checking your order status, it is indocated here that the $40.00 coupon code was applied to your order. Below is the order summary of your order total.:

Order Summary

4 Mother’s Day Cake Truffles & Full Dozen Fancy Strawberries $39.97
Free Personalized E-Card Included
4 Mother’s Day Cake Truffles Included
Standard Delivery $16.99
Guaranteed May 6th Delivery $4.99
Taxes $5.73
Order Total $67.68

Amount Charged $27.68 – after applying the code.

If there is anything further that we can assist with, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we look forward to serving you.

Best Regards,

OSALP Celina T

I WAS CHARGED $67.68!! NOT $27.68!!! I am infuriated with the customer service as no one seems to know what to do, and they all keep telling me the same thing. I am furious that I spent nearly $100, after paying $20 for the groupon, for an order of a dozen strawberries. I am not happy with Shari’s Berries, and I am writing reviews about this wherever I can. All I am asking is that I get my $40 dollar groupon applied to my order and credited back to my bank account. I have attached a picture of the portion of my bank statement that shows the amount I was charged.


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