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Joined Shari’s Berries Club to get 20% off. Upon ordering by clicking on the link attached to the email they sent me, it offered an additional 15% off. My order total was $43.98, however; when I received the order confirmation email it was $60.97 total.

Upon calling, I was assured a $28.00 credit, but never received that confirmation. Called back 4 times, only to be “inadvertently disconnected.” Called for the last time, asked to speak to a supervisor, of course they were so evasive that It would take forever before I could speak with one.

Finally, the girl told me she could not honor the $28 credit I was promised, although it was rightfully mine, since I was charged too much to begin with, then she had an attitude and told me she would cancel it for me. I responded ” You all have lied to me 4 times already, I will call my credit card company to make sure that it’s cancelled.” Thank you Capital One.

Needless to say, I will never place another order with them, and make sure that my friends don’t either.

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