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Bought 3 groupings to purchase items. I have never used them before. I bought 3 total. When going to website to place would not take coupon and would not change delivery date. Instead of 4.99 wanted to charge me 16.99. So I called directly to ask if they could help. The lady could not speak clear English. She would not listen and asked me the same question 7 times. So I asked to speak to Manager.

After 45 minutes of her telling me he was on phone but was told to help I got frustrated. Once Manager came on phone his dialogue was no better and informed me he could not help me.

I was so disappointed I cancelled all the 3 orders. So being said will tell 10 not to use them is a understatement. I am sure Shari would not like to hear lost new customer with 3 orders. Need to record conversation for training. Plus can’t understand them. I am going to personally contact them out of respect.

I understand that things happen with out knowing. But if I get a response that I feel is not acceptable with write again. It is a shame in todays world that company don’t put more time in training and customer service. This is their business.

Does not matter how great a product is because if I have to deal with bad service will choose second best.

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