The worst company I’ve ever worked with. WATCH OUT! - Seterus

My BOA mortgage was sold to Seterus in October 2014 and this is when all the trouble started. Their FIRST coorespondence was a FedEx letter stating they were foreclosing on my house. I didn’t even know who they were and my last two payments were sent to BOA. I contacted BOA who said they were forwarding the payments to Seterus. It continued to go downhill as twice they sent me letters stating they were charging me $6000 for their own homeowners insurance company becuase supposedly I didn’t have it (False, I’ve had it all along). I had to send them declaration pages twice to prove this at two separate times. Reading complaints on line it appears that Seterus always tries to force foreclosure proceedings and also falsely charges for insurance so i’m simply one of the masses that this has happened to.

The final straw with them was when i decided enough was enough and i closed out my loan and rolled it to BOA. We got a payoff amount thru mid July 2016 and I called them in June and asked if I needed to make my last payment as the payoff was covering two weeks past the due date. The answer was to not pay it as it was covered in the payoff amount. I closed July 1st with BOA and then on July 7 i received a letter from Seterus stating the loan was paid in full and closed. Three weeks later I learned that Seterus reported to all credit bureaus that I was delinquent on this CLOSED LOAN which dropped my credit scores by 80 points overnight. This immediately put a loan on hold that i was co-signing for my daughter to buy a home. I contacted Seterus and was given the same rude customer experience I had for the previous 18 months.

I called day after day after day for a week and no one would let me talk to a supervisor, but told me “they will call you back”. (it’s been over 4 weeks now and still no call back!) I filed complaints with all three credit bureaus, filed a complaint with the FTC and also filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection agency. I’ve also hired a lawyer. Stay away from this crooked company at all costs.

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