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Since Wells Fargo sold my account to Seterus I have had absolutely nothing but headaches and high blood pressure. They are truly awful. First you have to go through 8 automated voices to reach a live person. They made an unauthorized payment from my account to an insurance company. Who does that?!?

I had to hunt down the offending insurance company, get my money back, send it to Seterus in Feb. and on this date April 26 the escrow reimbursement check that was cashed by Seterus on March 2, sent to the address THEY gave me to send it to is STILL not applied to the escrow.

I am still waiting 4 months later for a response to the formal complaint regarding HOW they just paid an insurance company WITHOUT my authorization? I have asked for a re-amortization analysis for 4 months and nothing. I have asked for tax analysis as my taxes were lowered that was 6 months ago, again NOTHING.

If your lender sells to Seterus you would do well to contest it. #seterussucks

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