After going through a long modification process with BofA, I finally got my loan modified and began making regular payments again last fall. In November, I received notice that my loan would be transferred to SETERUS, INC. effective 12/1/15. Having not received a ‘welcome pkg’, I called Seterus to learn my new acct # so I could put it into my bank payment system and made my January & February payments on time.

Made my March payment on time but did not get a statement until March 20 which said I was late and late charges were applied. That is when I checked the # I put into my bank system vs the # that was in the welcome pkg & statements: they were not the same—not even close enough to have been a typo on my part. I called Seterus and actually got a nice female rep who tried to help me. She couldn’t find any record of my payment until I gave her the # that the rep gave me back in December.

Then she found my payment but said it had been pulled out of the erroneous account but she didn’t know where it went. She said she would do some further checking and would submit a reverse the late fee charge. Made April payment on time with correct # in system but when I got my statement, it still showed me a month behind. I faxed in a detailed letter explaining the problem, the error & listing of all my transactions. On 4/20 I got another late notice and charge.

I called again and a nice male rep helped me. He found my letter in the computer files but it was as if no one had even read it. He told me talking to a supervisor wouldn’t help but he looked over my letter and said he would escalate the issue to get it resolved. He asked me to submit a copy of my bank statement for March showing the payment was made which I immediately did that day. May payment made on time but again statement showed month behind and on 5/22 received another late notice and charge.

Faxed another letter today to Seterus and filed complaints with BBB of OR, WA, AK, the OR Attorney General Office and Fannie Mae.

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