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Let it be known I Paid my mortgage before the 15th, and twice again it was late or returned. How is it possible? To all those who have problems with “SETERUS” complain to the Banking department about the poor services. I will return with my response for that one.

Contacting them was a waste. whom ever processes payments are not doing there job. so far the cost for me to expedite my payments as well as paying fees is around $1000 dollars. I am currently in the process of filing a formal complaint with the NYS banking department about their shady practice’s.

This may be early to complain before I get answers but I’m not. They have done this before in the past the difference now is I have much to talk about.

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first, you need to learn basic English. second. there is no banking department in seterus as they are not a bank… read a book. or talk to them for a change. secondly, theres no way its cost 1k $ to expedite payments overnight payments are a max of 20 $ LOOK IT UP AT 3rdly, you said payment got ” returned” now keep in mind.. seterus is not a bank.. they return payments because the check BOUNCED. because your broke, your complain will get you no where. be an adult, they only receive what you give, or rather what… Read more »

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