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July 2016, I call in to set up a payment for June understanding that I was 10-15 days late and there may be a late fee associated. When I was asked why I was behind, I told her that my pay cycle was off by two weeks. She asked when I can double up. I offered by September. The rep said, let’s set up June, July and, august and you’ll start to be automatically debuted in the first of each month starting September. I said, no problem and set up three separate Speedpay check by phones.

I went on with life with the confirmation numbers given knowing that all was handled. It was the middle of July went my credit notifier advised me that my credit decreased by 49 points!!! I logged in to see that it was Seterus reporting no payment for June.

I immediately reached out to find out why the three payments didn’t go through, and offered confirmation numbers. The representative that I spoke with said, I don’t see any payments, why are you late and how would you like to pay? I checked my bank account while on the phone and noticed that Seterus never pulled the money out of the account. I continued to tell the collections rep that I needed to know what happened to the arrangement before I make another payment.


The representative would not investigate the account and what happened to the payment unless I agreed to set up another arrangement. She continued to tell me that she understands how I feel, and shes sorry about the negative credit reporting but “Unfortunately”We can’t move on until they secure payment. I finally got a manager in the North Carolina office on by the name of Lakia. She began to talk me down and assure me if I made payment that she will make sure that the negative information would be removed my credit report.

I set up a payment to take care of June and July payment with her. Around mid august I saw that negative reporting being removed from my credit report, but now there was a late payment more than 30 days reported. At this time I had a zero balance and was more then current. I paid September late and included the late fee when I paid it. October 4th, when my bill invoiced, I was charge a late fee, and $15 fee for Seterus to send someone to take pictures of my because I paid outside of the month in July. When I asked them to remove 15 fee.. They told me to write a letter explaining how they misplaced 3 payments, no one could find what happened to them, even though it’s documented in their system and I had the confirmation numbers.

I refused to pay the late fee and the $15 because it was not my fault and I was advised by a manager that I my account will not apply any funds to loan unless there was no late fees and visit fees. I’ve never seen anything this crooked in my life. As of right now, after asking for a supervisor, I’ve been on hold for over 1.5 hours. I would more than happily provide anything that’s needed to take these bullies down. They have negatively impacted my credit report, twice, charged me late fees and house visit fees that accumulated because of their mistake, only to out me on hold for over 1.5 hrs.

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