Senior People Meet is a Rip Off -

Senior People Meet is not a good “singles” meeting place for seniors. Although it appears there are many members, few are in your own area and it seems to be a site for scammers as well. I see many profiles that have the EXACT same verbiage. Different pictures, but the same profile. Not sure if this is people that are trying to scam others or if it is the site itself for appearances that there is more members than there really are.

It seems that most of the men on this site just need something to occupy their time and they are not really serious about finding a mate. They send flirts and messages and then when you respond to them they never reply. The site shows that many are online, but when you attempt to chat, it then says they are offline.

There are many scammers, wanting phone numbers and email to contact you outside of the venue on the first message or chat. The old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” really applies here.

I always confront them and then they are either gone or they block you. I have seen as many as 6 different profiles using the same profile information, with different pictures. Many attempt to have you look them up on Facebook, you go there and find a new account with no pictures and very few friends, SCAMMERS….I have found that many of the “contacts” made by people with no photos are married men looking to get laid. I find it reprehensible that some have the nerve to say up front that they are taking care of a disabled spouse and need someone as a sex partner…go to Craig’s list if you are just looking to get laid..

The people that run this site also run SeniorsMeet, and Our Time, your profile goes into both when you set up your account. THEN they want you to pay for ALL 3 sites that pretty much have the SAME people on them. These sites are ran by People Media, INC. You will find NO contact information for them other than a PO BOX in Texas.

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