On Dec 4th, I purchased a brand new refrigerator and freezer from our local sears in Colville, WA. The earliest that it could be delivered was Dec 18th. We opted to not wait for their delivery so we would have the items for our family christmas. We hauled everything home ourselves the next week. Upon getting it home, we read the instructions and plugged it in and set it up as directed. The chest freezer worked fine. However, the refrigerator froze everything.

We tried to reduce the temperature settings and still no luck. We called the local sears and they said that it was a warranty issue and they couldn’t help us. We called the customer service number and instead of trying to be proactive and helpful, the representative asked us if we were sure that we weren’t looking at the chest freezer instead of the refrigerator. Asked us a couple of times. Then told us it would be at least a week before they could come service it. When we finally arranged for a technician to make the 50 mile one way trip to our house, he called support technician (not sure where at) because he couldn’t find a solution either.

The support tech told them to reset the refrig at setting 4 and let it sit for 24 hours. When we told them that we had already done this when we set it up, they asked us about 4 times if we let it sit for 24 hours. The answer was yes….4 times. My daughter and I both work so we would set it at night and check the next night when we got home. Bottom line: I felt like because it was a female voice asking them hard questions that they had no answers for, they were rude, insulting and absolutely no help. I am a female NOT stupid. So the technician left and he told us that he was pretty sure he would be back and sorry he wasn’t more help. The other service tech (the insulting one) was sure that it was all fixed. WRONG! When I called the next day (after their fix DID NOT WORK), shortly before christmas, they said that they couldn’t get back out until January 18th. When I called the local store, they washed their hands of it.

So I told Lillian at the local store that we were bringing both items back and that I wanted a refund. She said both the freezer and the frig? Why both when the freezer works? I told her yes that both were coming back because unfortunately, your customer service DOES NOT WORK as well as the refrigerator. I am taking my business elsewhere. She should try to cook Christmas dinner for 20 people with no refrigerator. It doesn’t work very well. I gave my sister my receipt, my debit card, details of all that we had tried to do to fix.

When my sister and cousin brought the items back the day AFTER christmas, they were told that they needed to bring them back again on Monday because there was no cash to refund me. This is a 50 mile one way trip. But to call first to make sure they had money. Lillian did not tell me there were any caveats when I called and told her I was going to return both. I paid cash on my debit card and now they wouldn’t give me the money back or take the items back? Then they finally agreed to take the items back (only after my sister walked around the store telling all their customers our story) and process me a check in 10 to 14 days. What? After I paid cash? And after their lousy service? I could just see how that would go, it wasn’t.

We finally got our money and left. Sears was a terrible experience. I always try to buy locally and support our home town. Never again will I walk thru or even stop at sears. I have posted this on Facebook, and several other websites. I dare one of the sears managers to call me back or get a hold of me. No wonder they are going under. Their service is lousy and their staff doesn’t care. Now I read that I only had 30 days for a sears return. NOT ONCE, was this mentioned by Lillian or any of the stellar staff at sears. So when they advised me to go home and bring it back when they had money, what would have happened if it was after Jan 3rd? I would have been out the entire purchase. Be aware of the new guidelines

BUYER BEWARE. Sears staff certainly wont help you out. At least the sales department. The only one that seemed to care was the one service tech that showed up at our house. DO NOT BUY FROM SEARS EVER EVER EVER EVER. I don’t know how much I have put out for this: gas, money for labor, lost food that froze, lost food due to no refrigerator, undue stress, etc. But that doesn’t matter as much as the lack of customer service.

Sears – 702 N Highway Colville WA 99114 | 509-685-1880

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